Champion for Beauty and Performance of Saluki Club 2010

Bagheera got Excellent 1, CAC at Club show of Saluki Club in May and she won 1st place with CACT at lure coursing Křešín Cup, which was in August, so she with the highest score won other title Champion for Beauty and Performance of Saluki Club 2010.

Judges: Robert Blümel, Rakousko (show), Milan Bergl and Veronika Frolíková (coursing)



CACIB Nitra, Slovakia

Judge: Danny Gilmour (UK)

JCh. Asianne Al Zahra was best female with titles CAC, CACIB

second best female in breed was JCh. Atiya Al Zahra with titles CAC, res.CACIB.

A litter Al Zahra in age 15 months has now 3 expectancers of Interchampion and 4 expectancers of national champions. Many thanks to their owners and thank you for excellent presentation in show ring and best care of our "puppies" :-)

JCh. Asianne Al Zahra - CAC, CACIB


CACIB Nitra, Slovakia

At Saturday dog show were 3 sisters in 3 classes.

Atiya Al Zahra won young class with title CAJC and she finish her Slovakian Junior Champion of Beauty

Asianne Al Zahra was in intermediate class and got titles CAC, res.CACIB.

"ZaraEuJW10 JCh. Azhara Al Zahra won CAC, CACIB, BEST OF BREED, BEST IN GROUP 3

She has 3x CACIB in age 15 months!!!

Judge for salukis was Mr. Uroševič Milivoje (SRB) and for Best in Group X Mr. Danny Gilmour (UK). 

Thank you very much!



Atiya Al Zahra - Slovakian Junior Champion of Beauty


We are happy to say that 2 puppies from our A-litter start way to be INTERCHAMPIONS first time in intermediate class in age 15 months. 

JCh. Afrah Al Zahra won CAC, CACIB, BOB under judge Denis Guzelj from Bulgaria at International Dog Show 

Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Congratulations to her owner Calin!

6.11.2010 and 7.11.2010

2x International Dog Show Poznań, Poland

Judges: Ludmila Fintorová (SK)

           Robert Blümel (AT)

Our Zara JBIS EuJW10 EuJSh10 JCh. Azhara Al Zahra was entred first time to intermediate class and in her 

15 months of age she won both days with titles CWC, Poznań Winner 2010, 2x CACIB!!!

Many thanks to judges for this succesful weekend and amazing outset our youngest saluki between adult :-)


We have new member of our family..!

AmCh. Blue Nile Reason To Believe


9.10.2010 International Dog Show České Budějovice

Judge: Zdena Holmerová

Aliyah Al Zahra: Excellent 1, CAJC, Junior BOB

=> Czech Junior Champion

2.10.2010 EUROPEAN DOG SHOW Celje, Slovenia

Judge: Miklos Levente (HU)

Zara: Excellent 1, CAJC, European Junior Winner 2010, 

           Junior BOB, TOP 6 Junior BIG

=> Slovenian Junior Champion

1.10.2010 17th Special Sighthound Club Show EURO 2010 Velenje, Slovenia

Judge: Stelios Makaritis (GR)

Zara: Výborná 1, CAJC, Junior BOB

25.9.2010 National Dog Show Brno

Judge: Otakar Vondrouš (CZ)

Aliyah Al Zahra: Excellent 1, CAJC, Junior BOB

Bagheera: Excellent 1, CAC, National Winner

18.9.2010 National Dog Show Alba-Iulia, Romania

Judge: Petru Muntean (RO)

Afrah Al Zahra: Excellent 1, RPJ, Best Junior, BOB, res.BOG

12.9.2010 National Dog Show Prešov, Slovakia

Judge: Barbara Larska (PL)

Atiya Al Zahra: Excellent 1, CAJC, Junior Winner of Slovakia 2010, BOB

11.+12.9.2010 Sighthound Special Show and International Club Show 

Helsinborg, Sweden

Judges: Wim Wiersma, Van der Grevelt (BIS Junior), Miklos Levente

Ashan Al Zahra: 2x Excelent 1, 2x Best Junior Male, CK, 

                             !!! BEST IN SHOW Junior !!!

11.9.2010 Club Show of Sighthound Club, Liberec

Judge: Vladimír Panuška

Aliyah Al Zahra: Excellent 1, CAJC, Junior BOB

Bagheera: Excellent 1, CAC, Best female, BOB, 

                    BIS - Best female, !!! BEST IN SHOW !!!

5.9.2010 International Dog Show Targu Mures, Romania

Judge: Cristian Stefanescu (RO)

Afrah Al Zahra: Excellent 1, RPJ, Best Junior, BOB

29.8.2010 Pohár města Litomyšl

7 salukis (5+2)

Bagheera: 1st place, CACT

Azira: 2nd place

22.8.2010 Championship of Czech, Křešín

8 salukis (4+4)

Bagheera: 1st place, CACT, Master of Czech 2010, 

                    Champion for Beauty and performance of Saluki Club

Azira: 2nd place, Res. CACT

14.8.2010 FCI EURO Sighthound Grafenegg, Austria

Judge: Rudi Brandt (DK)

Zara: Excellent 1, Best Junior, FCI EURO Junior Sighthound 2010, 

           Best in Show Junior 4

Azira: Excellent 1, CAC

31.7.2010 Special Sighthound show, Slatiňany

Judge: Cinzia Aymaretti Camia (I)

Azira: Excellent 1, CAC, Winner of Sighthound show 2010

10.+11.7.2010 International Dog Show Constanta, Romania

Judges: Lokodi Zsolt (RO), Yolanda Nagler (ISR)

Afrah Al Zahra: Excellent 1, 2x RPJ, 2x Best Junior, 2x BOB, Best of Group III

3.+4.7.2010 Central European Sighthound Show and Club Show Topol'čianky, Slovakia

Judges: Prof. Peter Friedrich (D), Nicklas Ericsson (SWE) - Qirmizi Salukis

Atiya Al Zahra: E1, 2x CAJC, Central European Sighthound Junior Winner 2010, 

                            Young Club Winner 2010, res. BIS Junior

Asianne Al Zahra: Excellent 2

19.6.2010 International Dog Show Brno

Judges: Leoš Jančík (CZ) - salukis, Olga Dolejšová (CZ) - Junior BIG

Bagheera: Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB

Zara: E1, CAJC, Junior BOB, Junior BIG

19.6.2010 International Dog Show, Sweden

Ashan: Excellent 1, CK, Best young male

6.6.2010 National Dog Show Klatovy

Judges: Vladimír Panuška (CZ), Petter Fodstad (N), 

              Miodrag Vreteničič(MNE)

Bagheera: Excellent 1, CAC, National Winner, BOB, BIG II

 => Club Champion

Zara: Excellent 1, CAJC, Junior BOB, 

       !!! Junior BIG, BEST IN SHOW Junior !!!

 => Czech Junior Champion

5.6.2010 Grand Prix Anubis - lure coursing, Rybníky

11 salukis (5+6)


30.5.2010 Beauty and Performance - lure coursing, Kozlov

10 salukis (6+4)

Bagheera - 1st place, CACT

Azira - 2nd place, res.CACT

9 months old Afrah Al Zahra and Asianne Al Zahra 

are new Junior Champions in their countries!!!

Congratulations and many thanks to their owners..

15.5.2010 Club show of Saluki Club, Konopiště

Judge: Robert Blümel, AT

Ayaz: Young Club Winner 2010

Azira: Excellent 1, CAC, Club Winner 2010

Bagheera: Excellent 1, CAC

=> Czech Grand Champion

Zara: Excellent 1, CAJC, Young Club Winner 2010, BOB

Multi Ch. Azira Yrtep 

archived to her show successes the highest title 


9.5.2010 Zlatý střapec - Lure coursing, Přívrat

11 salukis (5+6)

Azira: 1st place

2.5.2010 National dog show Kapuvár, Hungary

Judge: László István, HU

Bagheera: CAC

Azira: CAC, BOB, BIG, res.BIS

25.4.2010 Sighthound Club Show, České Budějovice

Judges: Dr.Lamperti (I), D.Reicher (HR), V.Panuška (CZ)

Aliyah Al Zahra: Very promising 1, Best puppy

Bagheera: Ex1, Winner of Honour Class, 

                   BIS Winner of Honour Class

Azira: Ex1, CAC, Club Winner 2010, BOB, 

           BIS II Club Winner, BEST IN SHOW !!!!!!!!!! 


24.4.2010 International Dog Show České Budějovice

Judge: Dubravka Reicher, HR

Azira: Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB

24.4.2010 International Dog Show Opole, Poland

Judge: Ewa Stolarska, PL

Bagheera: Excellent 1, CWC, CACIB, Best Bitch, BOB


10.4.2010 International Dog Show Dresden, Germany

Judge: Liliane deRidder-Onghena, BE

Bagheera: Excellent 1, CAC, VDH, CACIB

4.4.2010 Hanácký pohár - lure coursing, Radslavice u Přerova

Bagheera: 1st place, Best female in lure coursing !!!

Azira: 2nd place

28.3.2010 National dog show Nitra, Slovakia

Judge: Malgorzata Wierchowska

Asianne Al Zahra: Very promising 1, BIS puppy - 2nd place

21.2.2010 International Dog Show Prešov, Slovakia

Judge: Luis Catalan (PT)

Asianne Al Zahra: Very promising 1, BIS puppy - 2nd place

24.1.2010 International Dog Show Trenčín, Slovakia

Judge: Miroslav Guniš (SK)

Asianne Al Zahra: Very promising 1

Bagheera: Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG III

        -she completed all conditions required for the INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION

Azira won with the highest score between saluki females title 


Bagheera won with the biggest amount of points from dog shows title 

                                 TOP SALUKI 2009